Walk, San Francisco, CA, January, 2002

I cut the soles out of my shoes and then walked from 9 PM to 9 AM over the course of a Thursday night.

One day I was lost deep in thought while walking in the rain. I stepped off the sidewalk and into a deep puddle. Suddenly my feet were soaking wet and I was immediately jarred out of my daydream. Awoken from my dream I saw a car rushing towards me and had to quickly jump back to the sidewalk to avoid getting hit. As the car sped away it occurred to me that I was only aware of what was going on around me when something happens to my feet. Walk was my attempt to cultivate awareness by focusing on my feet.

This is one of the diptychs that I created to deconstruct the uniform that I was wearing in many of my performance pieces from 1999-2002 in which I was taking on the role of a service person or busboy. There are seven diptychs in all that deconstruct my black shoes, black bag, black socks, black pants, black belt, white shirt and black tie. 2002-2004.


Walk, 01/02 | 2002 | Busboy