Weight, San Francisco, CA, April, 2002

I filled my backpack with cast concrete and carried it for about three and a half hours before the straps broke. Part of the Service Series.

Many people enjoyed the previous piece Walk in which I cut the soles out of my shoes and then walked from 9 PM to 9 AM over the course of a Thursday night. However many people also pointed out that there was a guilty, catholic, school boy edge to the piece due to silent, hidden suffering that the piece conveyed. To address this aspect of myself and my work I created, Weight.

This is one of the diptychs that I created to deconstruct the uniform that I was wearing in many of my performance pieces from 1999-2002 in which I was taking on the role of a service person or busboy. There are seven diptychs in all that deconstruct my black shoes, black bag, black socks, black pants, black belt, white shirt and black tie. 2002-2004.

Weight, 04/02 | 2002 | Busboy