Wad, San Francisco, CA, February, 2002

This documents one of the many performances that I did while wearing the uniform that I deconstructed in The Service Series. In February 2002, I did a performance as part of a group event at the Belazo Gallery in San Francisco, CA. For this piece, I entered the performance area dressed in my busboy uniform. In my back pack I had a small cassette player and a jar of orange ear plugs. I placed the cassette player on the floor and played The Christmas Song by The Chipmunks. While the music was playing, I stuffed the ear plugs into my mouth. Once all the ear plugs were in my mouth I stood silently until the song was over. I then expelled all of the ear plugs out of my mouth onto the gallery’s floor and walked out of the room.

Wad (related to, but not featured with “The Service Series”), 02/02 | 2000 | Busboy