“Close Calls: 2007” at Headlands Center for the Arts By Mark Van Proyen Artweek, March 2007, Volume 38, Issue 2

“…There were a lot of photographs in Close Calls 2007. But-how to put this elegantly? -most failed to distinguish themselves. The exceptions were stunning works by Nadim Roberto Sabella and Lucas Murgida… Murgida’s photos (Locksmith and The Locksmithing Institute of Lost Keys Nos. 1+4) were documentations of the artist “performing” (i.e. working) his day job as a locksmith, or as a teacher of locksmiths. While the depicted goings-on did seem laced with many allegorical portents of a surrealist provenance, the photos themselves had a composed stateliness rarely seen in most photographic documentation, and seemed to have knowing relationship to the ways that high-renaissance painters staged their own allegorical figures.”

Art Week, 03/07 | 2009 | Press