The Service Series, Opening Reception and Performance, San Francisco, CA, March 2004

In 2004, when I completed the performances that comprised The Service Series, the restaurant that I was working at was located next door to an independent fashion design studio called Amotion Studio. Several times a year they would have a runway show/party to showcase the new work that the young designers were producing. I asked the director if I could display my photos in conjunction with their next show and he agreed. The images were 40 inches x 60 inches color prints and can be seen in the background of two of the photos below. On the night of the runway show (my opening) if people wanted to see me they had to leave Amotion Studio and go next door to the restaurant where I was working/performing in the uniform that was featured in all of the photographs. The show opened in March of 2004 and was up for a couple of months. Special thanks to Chris Woodcock for taking photographs of the event:

Gallery Show and Opening Reception, SF, CA, 03/2004 | 2004 | Busboy