Documentation of Safe 1 and Safe 2 Virtual Exhibition, 2021

The following video combines documentation of the videos, sculptures, photographs, and installations that composed Safe 1 and Safe 2. The voice over was part of my virtual MFA Thesis presentation that I completed to earn my MFA from UC Santa Barbara in the Spring of 2021. Almost all of this work was made in isolation during the shut down caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

In August of 2021, two of my fellow graduates from UC Santa Barbara got last minute approval to do a brief in person MFA Exhibition in downtown Los Angeles at the Wonzimer Gallery: My display showed the videos that comprised Safe 1 and Safe 2 along with photographs and sculptures. See link below.

Documentation of Safe 1 and Safe 2, In-Person Exhibition, 2021

Safe 1 and Safe 2: Virtual and In-Person Exhibition Documentation, 2019-2021 | 2019 | Safety Specialist