None of this is Real, Phase #2, Santa Ana, CA, 2018

For the second of phase of my evolving project, None of this is Real, participants at Grand Central Art Center were asked to bring an unwanted brass key to the opening on Saturday October 6th. I then took the unwanted key, melted it in a furnace, poured the molten metal into a mold to form a new key, and then gave the new key back to the owner. The participant could then use that new key to open a door on a special room and experience a private installation. The experience was free and open to participants of all ages and abilities. Courtroom illustrator Miles Hochhalter-Lewis was hired to do live drawings to document the event. Grand Central Art Center’s artist-in-residence program is made possible through the generous support of The Andy Warhol Foundation For Visual Arts.

This project builds on a piece that I did for the Haunted Exhibition curated by Patrick Rock in Portland, OR, 2006.

It also built on a piece that I made in 2008 for 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco, CA.

None of this is Real, Phase #2, Grand Central Art Center, CalState, Fullerton, 2018 | 2014 | Locksmith