Free Critique seminar @ ROCKSBOX in PDX, 06/27-29

June 16, 2014

Jennifer Locke and myself will be leading a FREE group critique seminar at ROCKSBOX in Portland, OR called C.O.P.S. from June 27th through the 29th of 2014.  C.O.P.S. and ROCKSBOX are the brainchild of Patrick Rock.

C.O.P.S. (The Conceptual Oregon Performance School) is a free, artist-run, experimental summer school, with a focus on contemporary art and performance strategies. Its mandate is to engage participants in the methodologies, critical theory, and dialogue surrounding the discipline, while investigating its social and cultural role. Participants will experiment with a myriad of contemporary performance strategies, based upon formal and informal lectures, seminar-based dialogue, and structured group critique.   

Come to: 6540 North Interstate, Portland, OR, 97217


C.O.P.S. is a free endeavor.

There are no fees for C.O.P.S.

There is no registration for C.O.P.S.

Everyone is welcome at C.O.P.S.

Attendance is mandatory for C.O.P.S.

You, we, all of us, are C.O.P.S.



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