Pieces-of-you-topia @ The Lab, 08/21/11

August 16, 2011

This coming Sunday, August 21st I will be performing at The Lab in San Francisco from 9AM-5PM (2948 16th Street btwn Mission and South Van Ness). Due to the nature of the piece, it is difficult to pin point exactly when the piece will end. Bellow is a description:

Over the course of several hours I will construct a safe out of wood with walls that are made out of two-way mirrors. I will then perform an anti-Harry-Houdini routine. Houdini used gimmicked locks, slight of hand, and hidden manipulation to perform his masterful escape acts. I will do the opposite. After completing the construction of the safe I will be handcuffed and locked inside. Instead of quietly manipulating the locks of my handcuffs I will use a loud power tool to cut the chains. Once free of the chains I will use a hand held, power surface planer to slowly, loudly and methodically destroy the safe from the inside out and escape to freedom. The safe will have a very bright light inside of it that activates only when a power tool is turned on. Because of the two-way mirrors the audience will see a reflection of themselves when the interior light of this safe is off and will be able to see directly inside the safe when the light is on. The idea is to make the process of detention (building the safe) and emancipation (escaping the safe) to be an exposed, diligent, and tedious process as opposed to a guarded, miraculous, and exclusionary process.
This project combines two previous projects that I have done and can be seen here:



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