Thought VS Feeling, San Francisco, CA, April, 2000

There are two cabinets in the room that are joined by an electrical cord. The smaller cabinet is a half scale model of the larger one and there is a light bulb placed in between them. As viewers explore the piece they see that the top of the larger cabinet can be removed, the light bulb can be screwed into the top of the smaller one, and can be placed inside the larger one. Once the smaller cabinet is in place inside of the larger cabinet a bright light is activated.

After the light is activated and the top is placed back onto the larger cabinet an image is projected to the ceiling. What I found more interesting was how the light looked as it emanated from the cabinet. This image stuck with me and inspired “Four Right Turns” and the two cabinets that I made for “Apt. 218 in The North Beach Housing Projects.”

Thought VS Feeling, 04/00 | 2000 | Cabinet Maker