Jennifer Locke @ Southern Exposure, SF, 04/29/15

April 30, 2015



I had the honor of assisting my dear friend and art hero Jennifer Locke execute a spell binding performance for Southern Exposure’s performance series entitled The Eight Hour Work Day (follow this link to see the entire 8 hour performance).  Three different performance artists were given complete access to Southern Exposures main gallery for an entire day.  And seriously, if you don’t know Jennifer’s work please check it out.  There is no one else in the world making work this good right now:  Also, special thanks to my good friend and production genius Orlando Rivera for providing his vast knowledge and assistance with the project.  Please check out one of his projects here:

Solo Show @ Google Headquarters, SF, 12/05/2014

December 4, 2014

Solo show of new drawings.  By appointment only, please contact me for details –


Free Critique seminar @ ROCKSBOX in PDX, 06/27-29

June 16, 2014

Jennifer Locke and myself will be leading a FREE group critique seminar at ROCKSBOX in Portland, OR called C.O.P.S. from June 27th through the 29th of 2014.  C.O.P.S. and ROCKSBOX are the brainchild of Patrick Rock.

C.O.P.S. (The Conceptual Oregon Performance School) is a free, artist-run, experimental summer school, with a focus on contemporary art and performance strategies. Its mandate is to engage participants in the methodologies, critical theory, and dialogue surrounding the discipline, while investigating its social and cultural role. Participants will experiment with a myriad of contemporary performance strategies, based upon formal and informal lectures, seminar-based dialogue, and structured group critique.   

Come to: 6540 North Interstate, Portland, OR, 97217


C.O.P.S. is a free endeavor.

There are no fees for C.O.P.S.

There is no registration for C.O.P.S.

Everyone is welcome at C.O.P.S.

Attendance is mandatory for C.O.P.S.

You, we, all of us, are C.O.P.S.



Solo Show @ The Savernack Street Gallery in SF, June 1st

May 11, 2014

Installation can be seen through the peephole at 2411 24TH Street SF, CA, 94110 24 hours a day, seven days a week from May 23rd-June 23rd.  The Savernack Street Gallery is the Brain Child of Carrie Sinclair Katz .  Opening Sunday June 1st from 4-6 PM.



March 9, 2014

I have sculpture in this amazing group show at the best gallery on the west coast.  If you are in the Northwest please go and check out this show. ROCKSBOXCONTEMPORARYFINEART

The International Invitational Triennial of Contemporary Wind Chimes
6540 N. Interstate Ave
Portland, Oregon, 97217

Performance and Gallery Exhibition at Southern Exposure, SF, CA, 09/13

September 18, 2013



I will be doing a performance from 5-9 PM on Saturday September 20th, 2013.  Southern Exposure is celebrating its 39 Birthday by throwing a block party from 4-10 PM.  I also have a sculpture and video in the gallery exhibition so come by and check it out any time before the end of October

Southern Exposure’s 39th Birthday Block Party &
Opening Reception for The Long Conversation
Saturday, September 21, 2013
4-10 PM


September 18, 2013



I have 3 new drawings in a show in LA curated by J. Frede.  Come by and check it out:

@ Namaste Highland Park
5118 York Blvd, Highland Park, 90042

The Locksmithing Graduate Institute @ ArtPadSF, 05/16/13

June 2, 2013

On Thursday 05/16/13 I will be performing at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco as part of ArtPadSF from 6-9 PM.  Here is a link to event:  More info bellow:

The faculty and staff of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute are pleased to announce San Francisco’s first Locksmithing Graduate Institute class in almost 5 years.  In Lesson #13: Victimless Oppression; Self-Muzzle, Self-Puzzle, Self-Nuzzle students will first be taught how to open a lever lock without using a key.  Next they will be required to crack open a safe that has no lock.  And, lastly each student that chooses to participate will be given the chance to reflect quietly in isolation.


Teach-In @ Cypress College, LA, 02/28/13

February 25, 2013

On Thursday 02/28/13 from 6:30-8:00 PM I will be performing in the “Teach In” show at Cypress College in LA:

9200 Valley View Street

Cypress, CA, 90630



Pieces-of-you-topia @ The Lab, 08/21/11

August 16, 2011

This coming Sunday, August 21st I will be performing at The Lab in San Francisco from 9AM-5PM (2948 16th Street btwn Mission and South Van Ness). Due to the nature of the piece, it is difficult to pin point exactly when the piece will end. Bellow is a description:

Over the course of several hours I will construct a safe out of wood with walls that are made out of two-way mirrors. I will then perform an anti-Harry-Houdini routine. Houdini used gimmicked locks, slight of hand, and hidden manipulation to perform his masterful escape acts. I will do the opposite. After completing the construction of the safe I will be handcuffed and locked inside. Instead of quietly manipulating the locks of my handcuffs I will use a loud power tool to cut the chains. Once free of the chains I will use a hand held, power surface planer to slowly, loudly and methodically destroy the safe from the inside out and escape to freedom. The safe will have a very bright light inside of it that activates only when a power tool is turned on. Because of the two-way mirrors the audience will see a reflection of themselves when the interior light of this safe is off and will be able to see directly inside the safe when the light is on. The idea is to make the process of detention (building the safe) and emancipation (escaping the safe) to be an exposed, diligent, and tedious process as opposed to a guarded, miraculous, and exclusionary process.
This project combines two previous projects that I have done and can be seen here: