For “None of this is Real”, I built a small room in the front gallery of The Grand Central Art Center First, I taught anyone interested how break into the room by drilling open a standard door lock. Once the door is opened, participants were given the option of being locked inside the room and then challenged to figure out how escape through a second door that has been outfitted with one of my custom made conceptual locks. Each participant got to keep the lock that they destroyed and the drill-bit that they used as a souvenir of event. The experience was free and open to participants of all ages and abilities. I performed the piece on Saturday July 7th and August 4th from 7-10 PM. This project built on a video that I made for Packard Jennings’ Destructables website in 2011.



None of this is Real, Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA, 2018 | 2018 | Privateer