Above: New ASMR Whisper Video for Consent, 2016.



Above: Documents the The Locksmithing Graduate Institute class that I performed for The Charlie James Gallery at ArtPadSF.



Above: Documents the lecture that I give as part of each performance of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute.



Above: Final cut of the prayer pew that combines the AMSR Whisper Video, opening night performance, and the adult film that the prayer pew was featured in.



Above: Documents opening night performance of viewers interacting with the prayer pew while watching the AMSR Whisper Video.



Above: ASMR Whisper Video that viewers watched for Southern Exposure.


Above: Interview with Tim Sullivan and Chris Corrente for 100 Performances for the Hole, currated by Justin Hoover. This video appears courtesy of SOMArts and the Bay Area Video Coalition.

Above: Documents the piece that I did for Packard Jennings’ website. 10/11

Above: Documents the piece that I did at The Lab in SF, CA. 08/11

Above: Documents the collaboration that I did with Jennifer Locke in Portland, OR. 08/11

Above: Documents the piece I did for the Conflux Art Festival in 2008.

Above: Documents an Intervention I did for the Electrified 2 Exhibition in Ghent, Belgium. Made possible by Vooruit Center for the Arts and S.M.A.K.

Above: Documents the performance I did in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland as part of the Interakcje Performance Art Festival.

Above: Documents a second performance that I did in Ghent, Belgium which was made possible by the Vooruit Center for the Arts.

Above: Documents my solo show at Portland State University.

Above: Documents my solo show at the Charlie James Gallery, LA.

Above: Documents my solo show at 667 Shotwell, SF.

Above: Documents the lecture that I would perform for the eleven lessons of The Locksmithing Institute.

Above: Documents an intervention that I did called “Lunch”, 2001.

Above: Documents an installation called “Four Right Turns” 2000.

Above: Documents an installation in the abandoned North Beach Housing Projects, SF, 2001.

Above: Installation, “A Clock with a Red Button” 2000.