From 2005-2008 The Locksmithing Institute traveled to different public places all over the United States (and once to Uruguay) teaching anyone interested something specifically or very loosely related to locksmithing. The series culminated at 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco with a “final exam” and “graduation.” As the years went by the faculty and staff of The Locksmithing Institute came to appreciate that there was some still a lot of public interest in these classes and there was a lot left to teach. So, in 2010 the first class of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute was conducted in Los Angeles. Each class starts off with a lecture outlining the previous 13th Lessons of The Institute. This lecture introduces new students to the vocabulary and definitions utilized by The Institute and brings them up to speed with the lessons that have already been taught. Following the lecture, students are escorted through a series of public situations, mechanical manipulations, and physical movements by the instructor that allow the students to experience very private moments in very public ways. During the classes the power dynamics between students, peers, and teachers are usually placed into a state of flux, allowing the flow of power to be exchanged in fluid fashion between all participates; i.e. sometimes the teacher is “in-charge” and at other times the students are “in-charge”. All classes are free and open to the public. Students of all capabilities are encouraged to participate regardless of prior experience or physical limitations. The video above outlines the first 12 lessons of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute.

The Locksmithing Graduate Institute, 2013-Present | 2015 | The Locksmithing Graduate Institute