The Locksmithing Graduate Institute @ ArtPadSF, 05/16/13

June 2, 2013

On Thursday 05/16/13 I will be performing at the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco as part of ArtPadSF from 6-9 PM.  Here is a link to event:  More info bellow:

The faculty and staff of The Locksmithing Graduate Institute are pleased to announce San Francisco’s first Locksmithing Graduate Institute class in almost 5 years.  In Lesson #13: Victimless Oppression; Self-Muzzle, Self-Puzzle, Self-Nuzzle students will first be taught how to open a lever lock without using a key.  Next they will be required to crack open a safe that has no lock.  And, lastly each student that chooses to participate will be given the chance to reflect quietly in isolation.


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